Klingenmühle - mehr als ein Seminarhaus

An Aaron Joel Mitchell der zu den Sternen ging:

Joely, my Joely! I surrender to love, cause love is the one thing that still stands when all else has fallen.
Thanks for holding the fire of truth, may it always guide us in our hearts.
Thanks to all my friends, my family, my tribe, for your support. This is holding me through this.
Why we may never understand. But we can hold each other, connect, love, surrender, dance, support, walk your talk, cry, feel, share, breath, flirt, laugh about yourself, be true to yourself and others. I know deep within my core that was Joel's message to fully live your life.

Ein Ort der Begegnung inmitten der Natur. Ein Raum für bewusstes Leben, echten Austausch und sprudelnde Kreativität.

Wir freuen uns Dir in der Klingenmühle zu begegenen!

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