Nature & Garden

For us  a nature-loving life is very close to our hearts.

The garden and the land are far more diverse for us than just cultivating vegetables and fruits.

We are happy about our own vegetables and fruit, of course, but we do not see that as the single purpose.

We garden and cultivate the landscape exclusively with natural, if possible self-produced, means. We also try to close as many circuits as possible, such as collecting rainwater for pouring or producing our own high-quality compost.

We are committed to promoting biodiversity by creating places for plant and animal life. Through projects such as nesting sites, branches and cairns, wild hedges, the planting of native perennials, flowering meadows, wetlands and wild bee beds.

Some projects have already been implemented with the support of nature organizations and others Projects are being planned.

Also, the garden with its countless wonders and adventures is a place to recharge, relax and enjoy the incredible wealth of life. A place of reflection on our origins and connection to the earth, which is all too often forgotten in this fast-moving time. An ingenious learning field for children and adults alike. We also learn more about nature, natural gardening and permaculture. 

Klingenmühle becomes more and more a small natural paradise.