Klingenmühle (the houses are built in 1661) is our home and little paradise in the lap of nature at the heart of Thurgau.

Our Intention:

Together, creating a meaningful, beautiful and mindful living space by sharing selected inner & outer spaces, resources, tasks or projects.

  • Living with people in the deeper sense. That is, the intention to research & grow inside and face each other honestly. To express thoughts and feelings and to reflect on one's own habits, concepts and expectations without being identified with them. Listen to each other and support each other. Even if the first impulse is resistance or flight on some topics,  remain responsive. All this makes the community a "learning field" to practice "holding space" for your own and for each other . This promotes self-responsibility and acceptance rather than selfish self-realisation and competition. To actively participate in the circles and to take responsibility for tasks and actions. If a change is desired, it must be initiated by yourself.
  • We deeply feel that there is a much greater "intelligence" out of which everything is created as can be understood from the "little personal ego." Some call it God, consciousness, or another name. Everything is there already, but sometimes it is covered by conditioning, just as the sun is sometimes covered by clouds. It is our daily intention to remember, who we are and be aware to be present in our "sun".  Everyone has their own way in this and we are inspired by various inputs.
  • It is important for us to create a beautiful, diverse and sustainable living space and natural paradise together with the flora and fauna, while also producing a part of our food ourselves. We want to keep ourselves and our environment as healthy as possible. 

    In doing so, promoting sustainability and biodiversity is important to us. We realise this through conscious consumption, sharing resources and various nature and garden projects.

  • Through the events & activities we have the opportunity to make the wonderful and healing energy of this place accessible to people. We organise or create Events that are perceived by the community as meaningful, enriching and supportive.
  •  A good neighborhood and contact with the village is important to us.


Ladina Mitchell

Manuel Ecknauer